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OPINION — Mr. Pibb brings some fizz to my life

June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month and coincides with “kitten season” in the U.S., the time in which many litters of kittens are born ... Read more

2 days ago by Alexa Massey.

LETTER — Solar farm would be a disaster

To the Editor: We are the caretakers of the planet. On Thursday, June 10, we will be attending the meeting at the Lunenburg County Courthouse ... Read more

2 days ago by Guest Columnist.

OPINION — Virginia has a low rate of recidivism

Gov. Ralph Northam recently announced Virginia had maintained its consistently solid ranking as a low-recidivism state. Those who are incarcerated in Virginia return to prison ... Read more

2 days ago by Tommy Wright.

OPINION — The founding fathers were far from perfect

While perfect is what we should all work toward in everything we do, seldom do we reach that goal every time. There has been only ... Read more

2 days ago by Frank Ruff.

OPINION – Biden’s tax plans will hurt the economy

In Washington, the president is patting himself on his back for his plans to raise your taxes. During his campaign last year, he repeatedly told ... Read more

1 week ago by Frank Ruff.

EDITORIAL – SVCC’s solar training program is right move at right time

The new short-term training program at Southside Virginia Community College to train workers to install solar panels is just the type of flexibility and ingenuity ... Read more

1 week ago by Roger Watson.

OPINION — There are no black and white answers

Delegate Tommy Wright would like us to believe criminal justice is all black or white. If you commit a crime, you should go to prison ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Roger Watson.

We must reverse the trend of violent crime in Virginia

The lead story of the May 16 South Boston Gazette Virginian was a murdered teen shot to death.  Same newspaper, next edition, lead story a ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Frank Ruff.

OPINION — Democrats want to bring back parole

It flew under the radar, but last week’s Democratic gubernatorial debate laid down a significant marker for the party headed to November. Regardless of who ... Read more

4 weeks ago by Tommy Wright.

OPINION – Inflation is quickly becoming a problem

In previous weeks, I warned you that the policy of the administrations in Richmond and Washington would result in inflation.  To the surprise of many, ... Read more

4 weeks ago by Frank Ruff.

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